Completion of ‘The Hidden Bookshelf’

‘The Hidden Bookshelf’ is now officially up at Huddersfield Library!! I thoroughly enjoyed working on this piece despite it seeming to take forever due to various uni things jumping the queue. Here is the write up:

The Hidden Bookshelf

[‘Never judge a book by its cover’

Judge it by the pages you see.

The content is what you read,

good penmanship is key.


The craftsman takes time when making a book,

paying close attention to detail.

The cover’s clean and crisp, the spine forming a backbone.

Pages are the decoration, they should be exposed.


However, sitting pretty on the shelf, the pages rarely seen,

each book is chosen for its cover, but not yet for its edge.]

 – Ellie P Smith

My work explores the beauty of the pages and how over the years we have stopped adding colour and pattern to the paper edges. Occasionally you may find a bright yellow or pink; however, I feel a highlighter may have been to blame.

Due to this change in decoration, we rely on the title of a book, then what the cover looks like in order to decide if we should read the book or not.

Some books are put back once the decision is made, and some are never touched.

If the books are put on the shelves in reverse, you may discover something new; the pages are what draw you in, not the title and the cover.

My work is a permanent representation of the designs exposed when turning the books in reverse.


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