Construction – The Hidden Bookshelf

The weather has finally let me go outside and complete the next stage!! Although cloudy in places, the overall feel was dry interspersed with rays of warm sunshine.

Despite taking many measurements, some of the frames I had constructed were still a bit too long so I had to trim them down by eye. I trimmed them so they were just a bit shorter than the knitted sample in order to ensure it is not visible from the front. Having re-measured, the next step was to glue the pieces of wood to the knit itself.

This step was very simple, I ran the Uhu glue along the length of the wooden frames and placed it face down onto the knit, ensuring the knit was also front face down. I applied some weight to make sure the two adhered to each other effectively.

This worked really well and made sure that it will not come undone and fall to pieces in the future.


I was hoping the construction would have been complete other than having to secure it with the hanging method; however, when I held each section up, they hung straight from the centre, but the ends started to curl round themselves.

I do want the pieces to remain fabrics, therefore it goes with the territory that they would curl around themselves; however, for the purposes of this piece, I want the edges to be neat and straight in order for the reverse of the fabric to remain hidden. Also, my main concern is ensuring the work does not look shabby as it will hopefully remain in the library for a long time.

With this in mind, the method I have used to straighten the edges involves a trusty kebab stick (is there anything you can’t use a kebab stick for?!).

I used a method similar to what I used for the wood across the top, except, this time I stitched the kebab stick along the edge of the fabric first, and then ran UHU glue down the inside length of the stick, ensuring the fabric was evenly coated as well as the stick. This provides another element of security because the kebab sticks aren’t nailed or glued to any other structures. I am trusting that I won’t have to secure them to anything else, however, there is a possibility the edges may still turn in slightly, hopefully not enough to expose the wooden sticks. But we shall see…


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