Knitter Meets Joinery – The Hidden Bookshelf

20150716_185704 IMG_20150716_180910 20150716_185915

In order to make the knitted samples secure, I needed to make a wooden frame to prevent them from drooping or hanging in a way that was not desirable. This was sssooo much fun! I love being hands on with my materials as I feel that you gain a better understanding of how they work for both this project, and for any future projects where you meet again.

My wood of choice was dowel. Well known for splitting, but is very light, which is the main feature I needed. I wanted each join to be secure but quick to assemble. What it looked like once finished was not that important, as it would be covered by the pieces of knit once on display. The best method I found was to cut each section to the right measurement and sand down the ends to remove any splinters. Tap a long thin nail into the side of a piece of dowel; when it just pokes out the other side, apply wood glue to the end of another piece. I then placed the horizontal piece with the nail facing down, on top of the vertical piece and gently tapped the nail through both pieces. Once all the way through, I applied more wood glue to any visible cracks that had appeared in order to seal them in case they got worse.

Some pieces were a bit wonkier than others, but overall, it was a success!


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