The Practical Journey of The Hidden Bookshelf

I must admit, I was reluctant to start knitting at first. I think it was because I was scared that it would not be very good, or even too simple because I had to repeat the same type of pattern 5 times with only slight variances; however, once I started the only problem I faced was an aching back from the constant bending over to hook-up my stitches and the constant yarn changes as I alternated which side I would attach the new colour to.

IMG_20150601_162821 As the work grew I got more satisfaction from it because I was adapting my techniques as I went. I had a rhythm which kept me plodding along nicely, which was great because it meant I was able to finish one section in just a couple of days.

The only problem I came across with this rhythm is a pattern began to emerge in my colour striping. I wanted the stripes to be random and appear natural, as this is how they appeared on the actual books. This happened because I was counting my rows in my head without realising. When the repetition became apparent, I took a break in order to try and forget the design. Unfortunately, a small distraction was not enough to make me forget the pattern. I ended up having to come back to it the next day otherwise the pattern would just keep happening.

IMG_20150604_170920After a while, the knitting process had taken its toll. I had to take a break for a week as my neck had ceased up and all across my shoulders; although, during this time I was able to contemplate the next stages after I had finished knitting, enabling the next steps to run quite smoothly.


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