The Art Of Blocking – Next in The Hidden Bookshelf Saga

Now, I never used to be that bothered about blocking. I used to finish what I was knitting, and then put it on and eventually it would turn into the right shape. Therefore, if my degree has done at least one thing, then it has shown me the importance of steaming and blocking. It is amazing the difference it makes.

From this…

20150701_112615To this…


The blocking process is strangely therapeutic. (I think part of it was because I was outside actually able to see the sun!) I put the sections of knitting into a bucket filled with water, then rung it out so it no longer dripped. I then stretched them out across a foam board and pinned them down at every point. I wanted to get a really straight edge so that meant I had to use a huge amount of pins. Once air dried I unpinned them and measured them for the next stage.


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