Rowan Live Brief Project

I am currently working on a project for a company called Rowan. They are a local yarn company based in Holmfirth, but they supply yarns and knitting patterns all over. We have been given a brief called ‘Wilderness’. I am so excited about this brief because we will be working with their yarns (which are beautiful) in order to come up with some pattern swatches which could then be taken up by them and made into a professional knit pattern.
I have completed some studies of the kinds of inspiration that they have given us through key images and what they have written.


Colour palette study


Knitted cable study


Stripe study


Checks and plaid study


Fairisle study

This project is about gaining inspiration from a heritage, which in this case is Scotland. As i usually practice as a contemprary practitioner (textile artist) i am keen to focus on this as i like to see where things have come from. This is why i have done the studies, to hopefully help me better understand the techniques that i will be using and also understand why they are like theh are.


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