Who Am I?

This presentation really helped me isolate the problems that I have been having with my practice and locate techniques and approaches that I can use to make it easier for me to work and get the outcomes that I want. The main problem that I have faced is that this whole project has turned everything that I thought I knew about myself and how I work, on it’s head. Therefore, this presentation is an overview of how I feel I need to work and things I need to do in order to be more creative and less restricted.

first slide

The main theme that I want to run through my work is the quality. In order to fulfil this, I want to be more hands on with my work and spend more time ‘making’, using this as a way of research. One of the main things that I am struggling with is using unconventional materials. I keep gravitating back towards wool and other ‘normal’ types of yarns.

second slide

My main influences have been things like galleries and the locations that I have been to. I love galleries because you can get totally engulfed in them and completely zone out from the real world. I love looking in art and trying to figure out what it means, but also wondering how I can interpret it into my textiles. The locations that I have been to also inspire me, in a similar way that galleries do, except that I love to analyse what I see and look for key areas and colours that make me smile.

Sculpture is one of my main loves! I really like the 3D forms that can be created and how materials can be manipulated in order to get the curves and lines that appear. Interaction seems to be key with this type of art because it provokes the use of touch and brings out the inner child because you immediately want to climb it.

Colour is a big part of my life and it is something that I am immediately drawn to, regardless of what the object might be. This always comes secondary to colour.

third slideAs I said earlier, most of this project has been a challenge, but the main area has been my drawings. I have struggled starting off from my chosen theme which was ‘Responding to Umbrellas’ and then translating the drawings into my samples. I think I have struggles with this because I have had an end product in my mind before I started. This limited me because I felt that my exploration would lead me away from this idea. I found this especially odd, as I never normally have a final outcome in my head. The way that I intend to prevent this from happening in the future is by planning out my samples on my drawing so that I can effectively explore a variety of techniques and let these dictate my outcome.

Another problem I faced was the correlation of my books. Each book felt very separate which made me feel as though my work was not progressing, leaving me in a rut because I could not see my next move. To combat this, I have decided to merge my drawing sketchbook with my technical file so that I can see the translation from drawing to sample alongside any notes that I make regarding potential sample ideas and the technical notes that I have for samples that I have made.




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