Archival Interventions


What is an Archive?

What is an Archive?

We had to ask ourselves ‘What is an Archive?’, answering these questions:

  1. What different types of archives are there out there?
  2. What might an archive contain?
  3. How is an archive structured?

I found this quite interesting because what I originally would have considered to be an archive is in fact not technically an archive. An archive is actually a place where things can be retrieved due to their structure of being organised. Collecting, storing and hoarding are all types of archives.

There are many ways to archive, such as:

  • Classifying – headings
  • Arranging
  •  Time capsuling (Andy Warhol) keeping a record
  •  Recording Artefacts
  •  Diaries
  •  Photography
  •  Memory

There are many sub-themes to Archival Intervention, for example:

  • Collecting
  • Storing
  • Hoarding
  • Photography
  • Memory

What kinds of archives have I managed to find?

How would I intervene with an archive?

I  would pick a specific area form within the archive and explore it. Keeping my research fairly wide to begin with, gradually narrowing it down to the key areas of interest, then mind-map how I  would respond to what I had found.

What kinds of responses would I make and why?

I would make an installation piece as my context is contemporary practitioner. I would do this by looking at the techniques (if there are any) that I had discovered during my time at the archive or use a particular subject as my theme. I would ensure that my theme is obvious so that people could look at my work and understand where it has come from straight away, meaning that people can engage with it and do not feel left on the outside.

As a practitioner, what is my own archive of work?

I have never really considered what my own archive of work is, but I guess it is divided up into categories of where I was, in education, when the work was done, i.e school, college and university. Currently my archive of work is samples where I have mind-mapped ideas and made knit pieces that exhibit the kinds of things that I would use on a final idea. They are categorised by their theme, which is what the project was about.


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