14th October – Research, Archives and Craft Research


1. What kind of research is explored?

Big Data: Designing with the materials of life – Carole Collet

‘Fabrics of Life 2014’ This project focuses on the difficulties of processing, editing and storing large amounts of digital data. She researches this by working on other cross-disciplinary initiatives and working with students to expose them modern bio-medical research.

The Houndstooth Project – Jo Pierce and Philippa Brock

The research for this project is aimed at being process-led by working with community groups, commissions and industry sponsorship so that they have a better understanding of a technique so they can push it to be more innovative and unique.

FIRE Up – Prof. Becky Earley

This project is aimed at unlocking the potential of industry and academic collaboration, they do this through using an online platform workshop space so that people from different areas can easily contact each other to discuss ideas and work. This dictates that regional location is void because there is no limit to who you can engage with in your project.

Other Projects

Science, Engineering and Technology: Winston Churchill Fellowship – Dr Jenny Tillotson; Speed Funding – TFRC; Fast Refashion – Prof. Becky Earley; Teaching Projects – TFRC; Reach – TFRC; X-Form – Philippa Brock


2. Different Collections/Archives held at the V&A

  • Textiles and Fashion Collection
  • Far Eastern Collection
  • South and South East Asian Collection
  • Prints, Drawings and Paintings Collection
  • Ceramics Collection
  • Furniture and Woodwork Collection
  • Beatrix Potter Collection
  • V&A Archive – includes:
  • 1987 – the present day
  • History &influence of the museum
  • Acquisition of the museum objects
  • Organisation of the exhibitions
  • Inventories, ephemera(items designed to be useful for short periods of time, pamphlets, notices and tickets) and posters
  • Photographs of the museum, objects and staff
  • Press cuttings relating to the V&A and the art world
  • Architectural plans and models
  • Theatre and Performance Archives
  • The Archive of Art and Design

The V&A has so much to offer with its collections and archives; the list goes on for decades, but it is primarily there to retain our history, not just of our country, but the world. This means the information available can stretch from any subject matter, enabling an artist or enthusiast to the ‘average Joe’ to use this information for whatever purpose they want, so that we keep this information alive and do not forget about it.


3. What kind of craft research is presented?

The main idea of researching for this group was through participatory workshops, through learning to make where you would gain knowledge from others, gain new skills and shares peoples interests, therefore understanding how people work and why they do the things that they do. The key to these workshops is that you communicate through sharing memories and values, which gives everybody who is taking part a common ground to work from.They all have something in common and don’t feel left out.


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