Yorkshire Sculpture Park – Ursula Von Rydingsvard

Once again I am back at my favourite place, the Yorkshire Sculpture park.
On this trip, a new exhibition is being shown in the indoor gallery. It is an exhibition by Ursula Von Rydingsvard,
Whose work is predominantly sculptures that are made out of individual wooden pieces which are etched into using chainsaws and a variety of other tools to create deep carved grooves.
The pieces are built up, layer by layer to create huge structures. This piece was just outside the gallery and there were several others around. Also one that was being constructed (pictures to come soon).
They were all awe inspiring due to their scale. They were huge!
Each cut you could tell had been planned and carefully done because they were so precise and neat, even though they were chaotic at first glance.


This piece, ‘Mama, build me a fence’, was one of my favourites because it span almost the entire width of the room and is free-standing, other than the top of the planks of wood leaning on the wall. It also includes other mediums, such as chalk and graphite to make even more marks on the cedar wood to accentuate the carved out areas.
The exhibition also contained a varitey of knitted pieces and pieces that were made out of cows intestines. I am not normally a fan of this type of thing because of the strange colours that they take on, but the pieces that i saw were very delicate and paper-like.
I loved everything i saw, but it was definitely the immense size of the wooden structures that had the biggest impact on me which is why they will remain my favourite.
If you have not been to see this exhibition yet, then i highly suggest that you go. You will not be disappointed!

This is what one of the structures looked like when it was under construction. Each piece is marked so that they know where each piece goes. But it is layered up around an iron pole that is obviously the anchor for the work.



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