Summer Project – Bottoms

Over the summer we are just collecting points of inspiration that may fuel a project later down the line.
It has also given us the chance to pursue any projects that we may have wanted to do but never had the chance to do so. One of my ideas was to focus on the shapes of the bottoms that we see walking around. I have always been fascinated by this because you really do see some perculiar shapes walking round, alongside the ‘ideal’ shape.



I went to Leeds today to book my friends tattoo and took the oportunity to snap a few photos on my phone of peoples bottoms. Unfortunately i did not see any fabulously shaped bottoms, but perhaps the perfect representations of the average womans’ bottom.
I have taken the photos in black and white so that the detail is focused on the shape and not the colours so much.


When drawing the bottoms, i had to laugh because when you just focus on this area, i haven’t continued the line up to their waist which means that their bottom appears to be a lot rounder than it actually is. Although, perhaps not accurate, i do quite like the image that it leaves because it creates much more curve.


I hadn’t thought about this previously, but one of the areas that i want to look at is age, because the body goes through so many changes and i wonder how much this affects the shape of your bottom.


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