Reflection of the design process

We haven’t really completed a project all the way through yet, but in terms of designing my samples, i have managed to maintain a well structured thought process.

The sample that i have made is a piece of knit, and to begin with i research a colour palette, which i sourced from my local area by walking around with my camera and seeing what kinds of colours i came across that interested me. These are some that i found:

DSCF9232 DSCF9215 DSCF9216 DSCF9221 DSCF9222 DSCF9228


The images that i collected then informed my drawings because they are what controlled my colour palette. They also determined how i drew. I drew in a distressed way because this is what my theme was. The drawings were very basic because i wanted to focus on texture in order to be able to recreate the designs into knit.

img127 img128 img130 img125

These are just some of the drawings that i completed. From these i devised some knit samples that related back to them. This meant that there was a direct link between the two. It also meant that you could see what the knitting machine was capable of and where your limitations were. I experimented with a variety of techniques, such as, hooking up, flocking and layering, in order to test out the possibilities of manipulation.

img145 img147 img136 img137 img139 img140

Having come through these processes, I then went on to further experiment with other forms of manipulation. I wanted to involve more hand knit because this is a technique that i know well. I had seen another student in the year above me, combine kand knit with machine knit. This made me think about what i could create by combining the two. -05/03/14

Carol MacDonald      – 05/03/14

I came across this work by accident but i really liked it because i have lways been fascinated how people draw knitting because of the shapes that seem simple but are actually quite complex. I used this to influence my drawing. It also works quite well because it can to make patterns.


This is the drawing that i completed using ink pens and then applying water over the lines. i had planned for the green and purple section to be hand knitted and the blue and yellow/brown to be machine knitted. This is what i came up with:

final sample

final sample

i found this way of planning my samples very useful because it enabled me to see what my sample could potentially look like before i have made it. In future i would have liked to have spent more time on this project as i do not feel that it perhaps links together very well, but overall i am pleased withwhat i have managed to produce.


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