Thoughts on Sustainability Statements

‘Our Society values economic gain over the environment’

I feel that this is true, because we are fueled by making money, not even to make profits necessarily, but just to be able to survive. Some people are not interested in the environment which is why not everyone considers it when making business or design decisions because they know what ‘look’ they want to achieve and they will do anything to get it. However, if they were to consider the environment, then maybe the products that they design could be more marketable or even more desirable by the consumer.

‘Modern consumption habits cannot continue’

People are forced to buy cheaper products because of the recession and the fact that consumers no longer have a great amount of spending power because they cannot get the same amount as the used to with the money they have because prices are rising. This will be hard to change because of this, but it needs to, even if it’s gradually because high street businesses use this as a way of justifying cheaper products that are perhaps less ethical, which has a big impact on the communities that are used to produce the products.

‘It is up to the consumer to seek out sustainable products’

I feel that it is up to both the consumer and the company producing the products because most people want to buy sustainable products because they like them, and it makes them feel like they are contributing to something good, but with many of us having such busy lifestyles, we don’t have time to seek out these products. Therefore, i think it is the retailers job to have these products in their stores, well advertised and labelled so that consumers can quickly recognise these products and actively buy them, rather than having to look through mounds of products that are not made from sustainable products. Ultimately, retailers need to seek out sustainable materials in order to be able to provide the sustainable products for their consumers to buy.

‘It is up to designers to create desirable consumer goods that are sustainable’

I think that their is a demand for sustainable products and designers need to utilise that and make products that are new and innovative as well as being sustainable, because people get a stereotypical image of ‘Eco-warrior’ when they think about eco-clothes, and they should take it upon themselves to try and change this stereotype and make it new and attractive.

‘Natural is always best’

I agree with this because it has so many benefits. It can be great for people with allergies as there are no chemicals that may upset their skin and it is great for the environment. However, the use of synthetic materials has meant that the pressure has been taken off the natural products, and if the demand for natural products goes up, then does that mean that these products could become less sustainable because they are being used too much. Therefore, i feel that natural is better because i  love the feel and ethical benefits but i do feel that synthetics do have their place in our world because of their properties.


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