Commercial Designers Articles – Emily Crane, Reiko Sudo and Helen Storey

For this weeks lecture and seminar, we were looking at sustainability and how designers use this in order to inform their designs. We looked at three different commercial designers, Emily Crane, Reiko Sudo and Helen Storey, from articles about them from Textile Visionaries (B.Quinn, 2013).

1. How do they describe their practice?

  • Emily Crane – She believes in taking a ‘Zero resources’ approach in order to be sustainable and have a fast turnover which is where the edible feature comes into play.
  • Reiko Sudo – She believes in minimising waste and making things to last. She does this by merging traditional craft with contemporary design. 
  • Helen Storey – She works in collaborations to come up with new materials that are intelligent and biodegrade. But most importantly she uses natural fibres.

2. Is there a ‘message’ you can derive from their work?

  • Emily Crane – She does not design just for beauty, because she believes that in the future we will have our fashion for nutrition(Grows her own materials from edible sources) and to be sustainable.
  • Reiko Sudo – She works in ways that do not harm the environment, and believes that how materials are derived is as important as how they look.
  • Helen Storey – She wants consumers to be less wasteful and use a product until it is completely finished. Also promoting recycling by having products that start to degrade as soon as it is empty. This creates more room so that we can recycle, as the products take up less room, but also so that people know that a product is able to be recycled in order to make people aware.

3. How are the designer similar?

Emily Crane and Helen Storey are quite similar because they are both interested in using new materials. Helen focusing on products that biodegrade and Emily designing materials that you can eat. The main similarity between the two, is that neither of the products that they design are designed to not last. They are supposed to wear out.

4. How are they different?

Reiko Sudo is very different to the other two as her products are designed to last. She makes this a feature because she has come across other designers that use sustainable/recycled products but their products have not lasted because of what they are made of. She makes a point of designing products that are durable and sturdy, and most importantly, are made out of sustainable, recycled products.


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