Organising a Trade Fair Trip

For this task, we had to write a convincing appeal as to why we have to go to a trade show. The show that we chose was Modamont which is in Paris.

‘As a Glove making company we feel that it is our priority to find inspiration in order to be innovative with our designs. One of the ways that we can do this is by attending the Modamont trade show on the 18th of February 2014 where there is a lecture and exhibition taking place by the French Glovemaking Federation. We feel that this will aid our work as we  will be able to see where glove design is heading and how we can also direct ourselves in a similar way to be on trend whilst still retaining our own unique style.

It will be interesting to see what other trends are happening because we need to see what people will be wearing gloves with so that we can design unique shapes that will work perfectly with the predicted trends. We will also see what new fabrics designers are creating and possibly organise with the designer’s to let us use their fabrics if they are what we want for our products. The whole aim of this is to keep pushing ourselves to be innovative and unique whilst utilising traditional techniques which is what we are known for. It would also be a great way to get our own name out their as we are only really well known in the UK.

As Paris is one of the places to be for fashion, we can also look at the local shops and people to see what they are wearing to influence the designs that we will produce.

We have organised the cost of this trip and have managed to keep it down to a minimum.

Screenshot_2014-01-27-15-52-20For two of us, we have manged to find a flight that leaves Manchester on the 17th of February in the afternoon and leaves Paris on the 18th in the evening so that we can utilise our time efficiently during the day with minimal cost. We have found this is the cheapest at £513.12 for two.

Screenshot_2014-01-27-16-02-57As for the hotel, we have decided to share a room as this will also lower the cost. This is £114 and has free wifi and includes breakfast which means that we won’t have to struggle finding something to eat in the morning before the show starts as i imagine that they won’t let you bring in your own food. This will also lower our cost as it is only 10 minutes away from the trade show itself.

The cost of the Trade Show is €41 each making it £67.27 for two of us. In total, this trip will cost £694.39.

Overall, we believe that this trip is very worthwhile because of the benefits that it gives us; we get our own brand out their and we can get in direct contact with various designers that will expand our brand. Also, we can expand our product range and design new, innovative designs that could interest new clients.’

This was by far the hardest thing i have ever done. Although it is just theoretical, i have never felt so much pressure before in my life.


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