Another Journey to The Yorkshire Sculpture Park

This is one of my favourite places to go. Every time i go, the weather is always so different, and the sculptures and the scenery are also different and just as beautiful as ever.
DSCF9116 DSCF9118 DSCF9122

This time i amused myself because we went to look around as we always do, and look at the artwork. But this time, to begin with, in the big stone greenhouse i was more interested in the distressed surfaces of the unusual door that seemed out of place.

DSCF9127 DSCF9129I also liked the appearance of the worn sandstone that was behind an old structure of metal. The colours that are in the sandstone are just beautiful and it is lovely to see that it has not degraded that much over time, because it has been protected inside.

DSCF9130This was by far my most favourite find. This is from a giant Rabbit that has the body of a woman. This sculpture is in a field in the countryside, so there are many rabbits. I found it funny that this elegant creature had rabbit poo on its hand. It was so funny at the time because of the juxtaposition between the two things. However, the wire shapes are beautiful and even the simplistic shape of the rabbit poo fascinated me and made me think of the many things that i could do with these shapes.

DSCF9136 DSCF9138Gradually, i am opening my mind to the types of things that could be useful to my research either for now, or for the future. This fungus is one of those things. I have never seen these kinds of shapes on anything in nature, and to see them all swirling together really intrigues me, and fills me with ideas to recreate this affect in visual studies and pick a variety of drawing materials to create various affects that differ slightly, but taken from the same inspiration.

Dennis Oppenheim Tree: From Alternative Landscape, Components 2005-6

Dennis Oppenheim
Tree: From Alternative Landscape, Components 2005-6

As my theme at the moment is unconventional, i took a few pictures of this work because they were metal tree structures, that had toilets, sinks and other porcelain objects on the ends. It was very odd. I preferred to look at it at a distance because you could still tell that it was not real trees, but it kept that aesthetic slightly from further away because you could see it as a ‘forest’ structure, whereas, when you were closer, you could just see a metal pole with a toilet attached to it.

DSCF9150 DSCF9157 DSCF9161When we walked across to the other field, the light was absolutely fantastic and made the sculptures pop because they were brightened so much. It highlighted every scratched, scrape and divett. They made my mouth water because they looked so luscious.

DSCF9163 DSCF9164It was interesting to walk through this field because i have never been as fr over as we went this time because i am so used to going the same route. I think this is something that i perhaps need to force myself to do more in other places. Take another path so that i find something totally different and new.

This day was by far one of the best days that i have had.


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