Hard and Soft Textiles

We were looking at the different types of textiles and what they are made up of. We were told to look around the room that we were in for our lecture, and pick 4 hard textiles along with 4 soft textiles. These are what i chose:

Hard Textiles – Material

  1. Metal (jewellery)
  2. Wood (Tables)
  3. Plastic (Light casings)
  4. Board (white boards)

Hard Textiles – Design Considerations

  1. Desirable – want people to buy it
  2. Clean Lines – So that it can be functional and safe
  3. Disperse Light – To be functional
  4. Smooth and Clean – To be reusable

Soft Textiles – Material

  1. Wool (Acrylic Jumper)
  2. Canvas (Blue Ceiling Tube)
  3. Plastic (Cable Wrap)
  4. Leather (bag)

Soft Textiles – Design Considerations

  1. Warm and Decorative – To get people to buy it
  2. To be Sealed/Tidy/Hidden – For safety and aesthetics
  3. Flexible/Tidy – For safety
  4. Sturdy/Smooth – To be functional and desirable

It is things like, durability, target market, sizing and cost that a commercial designer has to think about when designing a product because these are the factors that the consumer are affected by and help them to decide whether or not they will buy something.


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