Commercial Designers Articles – Johan Carpner, Nina Jobs and Angel Chang

We looked at 3 articles from a book called Textile Designers at the Cutting Edge (Quinn B,(2009) London:Laurence King), which were by Johan Carpner, Nina Jobs and Angel Chang. In each article, the designers were talking about what they get inspiration from and  how they feel they work, in order to get the best out of what they do. I found it interesting because they all take very  different approaches, but they do very similar jobs, but make it personal to themselves.

1. How did they begin their careers?

  • Johan Carpner – Graphic Designer
  • Nina Jobs – Graphic Designer, from a textile family
  • Angel Chang – Designing prints and interactive clothing – a placement

2. How is their work sold?

  • Johan Carpner – Designs for Svenskt Lenn – Fabric retailers
  •  Nina Jobs – Sold her designs to Ikea through David Design – Commissions
  • Angel Chang – Through magazines/newspapers/internet – Launched her Red label

3. What inspires them?

  • Johan Carpner – Nature and its unpredictability
  • Nina Jobs – Travelling overseas, cities
  • Angel Chang – Technology – How reliant we are on it, how it has advanced and how clothing has not.

4. What are the characteristics/attributes of their work?

  • Johan Carpner – Designs are masculine – not designed with ‘decoration’ in mind
  • Nina Jobs – Believes pattern should not feel static – wants to keep the hand made feeling and does this by encorporating the mistakes
  • Angel Chang – Strong interest in technological innovation and being up to date

5. Are their any similarities between their works?

Both Nina Jobs and Jonah Carpner came from graphic design and both feel that their designs should have a 3D feel.

6. How do they differ?

Nina Jobs looks at cities fro inspiration whereas, Jonah Carpner looks at nature which is the total opposite of each other. Almost between the two, Angel Chang looks at technology.


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