CAD – Repeating Patterns

So far, I have not really found Photoshop very fun because I haven’t done anything that really grabbed me. However, this is the first thing that i fell in love with because it did not feel too fiddly and the process didn’t feel like it went on forever. For these designs we looked at some samples of print or weave designs, picked the ones that we wanted to use for visual studies and then also used them in CAD to make our own repeated patterns from them.

This was the first pattern that i created using the original colours and pattern. I used the clone tool to cover up the edges of the original pattern to make sure that the new repeated pattern was seamless. There are some areas that aren’t quite perfect, but luckily, because of the pattern that i have chosen, these cannot be easily seen.

Repeated Pattern

Repeated Pattern

This turquiose pattern is by far my favourite. It reminds me of ancient Aztec designs because of the gold and the way that it looks incredibly old. The contrast in this has caused the pattern to be inverted because the areas of the pattern that were dark before, are now the light sections.



I also like this sample very much because of its aged appearance. This, however looks as though it has been burnt into wood because of how tonal it is where the curve tool has picked up on the varieties of shade. I find this amazing because when you look at the original image, you don’t see this degree of shade, but the computer picks up on it immediately.



This sample i do really like because of the warmth of the colours and how they compliment each other. Some of the areas in this piece are almost fluorescent because of where the saturation has taken place more intense than others.



The posterize effect as very interesting. It altered the original image and made it look as though i had drawn it on the computer itself because it cleaned up the edges of the pattern and concentrated the contrast, emphasising the black and white.



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