Our Own Installation


This workshop was really quite fun because we were left to our own devices. We planned it ourselves using the previous workshops to inform what we did.




We were still working in the dance studio and we wanted to make a link with that. So we chose to use the piano as our focal point because we assumed that there would have been somebody playing it to accompany the children who were dancing. Without this instrument, there may not have been much power in the dancing that they were doing.






We chose to cover the piano as a way of showing the appreciation that people had for it, and yarn is a way of doing this because of the ‘snuggly’ nature. However, we did not want the piano to be on its own, so we attached pieces of yarn, starting from the piano and reaching out to the walls of the dance studio. This felt as though the room itself appreciated the piano because it brought life and noise into the room.


We only had three hours to do this, so it was quite rushed and we had to make crocheted sections as well. If i was to do this again, i would spend more time wrapping the piano so that it is much denser and solid. I would also do the same to the pieces of yarn that reach out to the room, to almost create a sheet of yarn. I want it to have a big impact when you see it so that it makes you think about why we have done it and how it makes you feel. I think this is important with the works of a contemporary practitioner because it is not just their feelings that are affected, it is the audiences too.


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