Glossary of Contemporary Practitioners

This is a collection of various artists that i have found and want to record because they stood out to me.

Egle Bogdaniene

Coffee Tablecloth

Coffee Tablecloth
Size: 400 x 400; 160 x 160
Materials: Plastic, coffee powder
Date: 1996 – 2005           – 20/01/2014

Basic materials artist uses – Felt, Weave and Tufting (usually uses whatever she feels is appropriate to outcome)

This piece initially caught my eye because of the pattern. It is a pattern that we are so used to seeing but it looks as though it is fading. At first i thought it looked like henna because it was so dark. I am a massive fan of the contrasting with the black and the white.

Rhiannon Williams

My Loss is My Loss (front detail)

My Loss is My Loss (front detail)
Size: 5m x 80cm
Material: Paper patchwork hand-stitched from used Lotto tickets. Cotton and adhesive interface with card backing
Date: 2001-11 (ongoing)      – 20/01/2014

Basic materials artist uses – Newspapers, any rubbish that she finds.

I loved this because of the way  that none of the tickets are the same way round. They are the same thing, yet they look so different. The repetitive nature of this I find fascinating because it is so simple and so effective.

Frances Geesin


Size: 24cm.
Material: Discarded Coaxial braided cable and waste from hole-punched conductive material. Plated silver.
Date: 1997
Photo: Ron Geesin              – 20/01/2014

Basic materials artist uses – Thermoplastic fabrics and fibres, Heat guns, soldering irons and hot knives.

This work is so delicate and beautiful whilst still retaining a ruggedness somehow. It is very chaotic at the top and so precise at the bottom. These two areas together work well because the counteract each others extreme nature.

Jane McKeating

Part of the Indian Whispers collection

Part of the Indian Whispers collection of textile envelopes                    – 26/01/2014

Basic materials artist uses – Cotton (fabric and thread), Ink, fabric paint

This piece attracted me because of the movement that the stitch gives the piece and also how it contrasts with the colours in the fabric. The envelope shape that she has chosen to use in this collection intrigues me because it is a shape that is so universal and everyone recognises. It would be interesting to see if people would start using fabric envelopes instead of paper.

Beverly Ayling-Smith


Shroud                                                              – 26/01/2014

Basic materials artist uses – Lead and Linen (traditionally used for burials)

I love this piece, not because of its melancholic connotations but because of the way that it has been constructed. I really like squares because of how geometrical they are. For something so simple, you can do so much. The colour of this work is beautiful because of the aged appearance that it has. It looks as though it has been wrapped around somebody and then rediscovered hundreds of years later when the body has decayed.

Karen Thiessen

Title: Oooo Date: 2010 Dimensions: 8" X 8" X 1" Materials: Cotton Techniques: Digital Printing

8″ X 8″ X 1″
Digital Printing                                                                 – 26/01/2014

Basic materials artist uses – Cotton, Printing

This piece i love because it is so simple. The use of colour to enhance the design is so effective because it gives it more dimensions. The colours compliment each other making it more harmonious with occasional flash of a brighter colour. I even think the traditional frame adds to this piece because it makes the work look as though anyone can have it.

Gwen Shockey

Study in poses

Study in poses                – 26/01/2014

Basic materials artist uses – Cotton, cotton thread

This has got to be one of my favourites because it is so beautiful. It manages to combine hand quilting techniques with art. The stab stitch is so simplistic yet so versatile because it has been moulded into the shape of the woman giving her the appearance of a 3D body. It enables the viewer to see the shape of her as she fades into the background of the fabric.

Judith Braun

Finger Drawings

Finger Drawings                             – 26/01/2014

Basic materials artist uses – Charcoal, fingers

I came across this while looking for new drawing techniques. I was amazed. Something so simple that is very reminiscent of childhood can be so beautiful and versatile. The patterns that she creates are incredible and one of my favourite aspects is that she only uses the one colour on a white background, because this forces her to think about shade.

Emily Barletta

Emily Barletta

Red Embroidery






                                                                            – 26/01/2014

Basic materials artist uses – Red cotton thread, paper, canvas

To have the patience to do this is phenomenal. Once again, it is so simple and pungent because of the red thread on the white background. I love dense areas of stitch, and this piece has that. I find it more interesting that this is in fact done on card, giving it a totally different texture.

Chaim – Dots To Lines

Chaim Tattoo


–          27/01/2014

This is very loosely a contemporary practitioner, but i saw it and was in awe. The reason why i thought to put it here is because it reminded me of the work of Alyson Shotz who does big yarn structures on the wall, securing them with pins. I thought it was interesting how something 3D can be replicated onto skin.

Alyson Shotz

Alyson Shotz    – 22/11/13



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