Unraveling/Wrapping and Dancing with Yarn

20131211_11455220131211_121235This Workshop was really intriguing because the idea of unraveling something that you have spent time making is just so alien to me; however, it was quite therapeutic because the piece of knit that i chose unraveled very easily.


The wrapping process was also interesting because it was about taking an uncomfortable object, which in my case was a plastic knife, and making it comfortable by covering it with the yarn. I found this incredible, because it meant that the object, although still recognisable, had changed. I also liked the fact that it took time because it allowed you to zone out and concentrate on the repetitive nature of the wrapping.


This workshop seemed a bit odd because we were dancing with yarn, similar to may pole dancing but without the pole. The pieces that we managed to create ended up looking like knots because they had no structure to them. This forced us to think up new ways of dancing/weaving in and out of one another to build up a structure, so that a pattern could be a bit more discernible.


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