Talc Stenciling and Recording a Journey

20131218_111555 20131218_111652The travel workshop was fascinating because it almost tested peoples’ geography skills because, where people placed their pictures, others did not disagree with because they thought that it should go somewhere else, according to what images other people had left. My favourite part of this workshop was where we had to collect artifacts and stitch them to a piece of fabric that had a projection of a map. The idea was to stitch the artifact where you found it on the map. I liked this idea because it is a different take on writing a diary. I like to collect things when i’m on my travels, but i never do anything with them, and as for a diary, i tell myself that i’ll do one every year on holiday but never do. With this, i could set myself the challenge of stitching one artifact to a piece of cloth whenever I’ve been out anywhere. Over time this would build up into something bigger, becoming a piece of art in itself.


Printing with talc was extremely messy and i have no desire to ever use it again but it was interesting to see how you could use objects to obstruct the path of the talc, that when the object was removed, then the print is left behind. We also found that drawing into the talc was very effective because we could customise our own designs, making the work more unique. One aspect that i found interesting, was how the talc filled the room. The room was filled with a misty haze from all the excess, finer parts of talc.


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