Socially Engaged Practice and The Read Thread

2013-12-04 18.43.01

At first this workshop was a bit odd because we were braiding hair, but it provided us with something to talk about and meant that we were more involved as a group.

It provided us with something in common because many of us were discussing the difficulties that we have with braiding our hair or even reminiscing about what we used to play with as children, such as Barbie’s because we liked to play with their hair.

2013-12-04 18.48.47

One of the workshops was called ‘Mindful Stitch’ and i found it really amazing because you were randomly placing stitches on fabric to make a sleeve. This was a great way of ‘not thinking’. I was only concentrating on the stitch and found it a great way to relax because of this.

The other workshop we did was called ‘The Read Thread’. For this we worked as a group, mind mapping what kind of workshops we could run, where we could run them and what they would be for. It was really interesting because it meant that you were able to see the potential for whatever workshops i choose to do in the future because it helps to plane out every section so that you can look after the people who take part, and what they create.


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