Memory Drawing – Yarn Drawing

2013-11-20 11.08.532013-11-20 11.09.35 This workshop was interesting because we were drawing from memory.

We were outside looking at a specific part of town. We could only write down words that would help us remember what we were looking at.

When we came back in, we were assigned a room that we had to use to draw

the image, but we had to use yarn to draw it. As a group we placed down the outline of the building and then worked on sections on our own. 

2013-11-20 11.39.37

This distorted the overall image but looked really good because it gave it an abstract feel.

We were extremely organised and managed to work together to produce the overall effect. 

One of the ideas that  had afterwards was to work over the top of the whole thing with other areas from the area that we were stood in, and overlap sections, almost replicating cubism in a way. This would create a much busier piece of work and could even be enhanced by using different colour yarn for each individual section.


One thought on “Memory Drawing – Yarn Drawing

  1. This is cool. A really exotic and unique way to look at drawing. You should take a look at some of the work on my blog let me know what you think and maybe follow if you like 🙂

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