Swimming Reindeer

Swimming Reindeer

Swimming Reindeer

http://www.britishmuseum.org/explore/highlights/highlight_objects/pe_prb/s/swimming_reindeer.aspx     – 16/01/2014

We were looking at craft and what it shows, also why people do them. The piece that we were looking at was an Ice Age piece called ‘Swimming Reindeer’ in an article from ‘A History of the World in 100 Objects’. These are some questions we had to answer.

1. What details are provided, with regard to the history of the object?

It is suggested that this piece was made as art from around 13,000 years ago during the end of the latest Ice Age, and is one of the oldest forms of artwork in any British Gallery or Museum. Making it very unique and special.

2. In what ways might this object represent the world?

This piece represents the world at the time because it is decorative, with no obvious alternative function. It also provides evidence of the huge change in the way our brains work now, compared to during the Ice Age because not very many people these days just sit and make

Given how barren this part of earth was then (France), this piece shows how crucial it was to keep yourself entertained by doing something e.g. carving, that would also have a pleasant appearance and bring joy when you look at it later, when perhaps you don’t have supper that night because you haven’t caught anything.

It also shows how much these people relied on the reindeer for everything, and this would be their tribute to the reindeer because they have a lot of respect for them.

3. What kinds of values in the written passage are associated with this object?

These people relied heavily on the reindeer and if they couldn’t hunt them, then they would probably not survive, given the harsh weather and lack of other food sources. Therefore, they value the reindeer which is why they chose to use them as inspiration for their carvings.

It also shows the value for precision and observational skills because of how skilled their work is. These skills would also be applied when hunting, making a direct link between the two aspects f their lives.


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