We were looking at manifestoes today and how they are used to sum up what you believe, or what practices you follow.
We worked in groups to come up with our own:

• Be creative
• Be interesting
• Find out how things are made
• Hand make – no sweatshops/support local
• Only make to the highest quality
• Be skilled/Learn skills

Type of manifesto for socially engaged textile practices:

  • Personable – so that they can interact with their group better, making it a more comfortable environment.
  • Interesting – In order to keep their audiences attention and keep them interested even after the workshop.
  • Unique – Something that people may never have done before.
  • Fun – Keeps the mood light and creates a more positive environment. Also gets the participants to talk to one another.
  • Collaboration – Getting the group o work together. They feel they are all contributing.
  • Thought Provoking – Have a point. Makes the audience think about what they have been doing and why.

Manifesto that i think a practitioner should embrace in textile practice:

  • Creative – Able to produce a variety of ideas
  • Quirky – Something that is unusual so that people are excited.
  • Quality – Work to the highest standard so that the work contains an amazing idea, alongside skilled craftsmanship.
  • Manage Time – Have down time so that you aren’t overwhelmed and exhaust your creative juices.
  • Open Minded – Gain inspiration from everything, don’t restrict yourself too much.

Overall, i think that a manifesto is a great idea because, even if you don’t fulfill what you have written down first, you will have added to and enhanced it. They act as a guideline for you, and you can refer back to at any time should you get lost or confused. I feel that it would be useful for everyone to have a manifesto no matter what they are doing, even if it is just for day to day life.


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