Craft Objects

Having watched the series ‘All in the Best Possible taste’ by Grayson Perry, it has really made me think about the type of things that i have in my own home, what they might say about me and dictate what class i am perhaps.

This object i suppose is embedded with an element of class because it looks like the sort of thing the bohemiem upperclass would have, because it looks organic and querky, when paired with other objects that are similar. This is also because it hasn’t been bought from a specific shop that the middle class are expected to buy from.

Modular Knitted Cushion Cover

Modular Knitted Cushion Cover

This cushion cover is Lower class i guess because it has been made because we had a cushion that needed covering. Therefore it was made out of necessity, but has been made to look appealing and decorative. I think this is typical for this class because it is the ‘Make do and mend’ class because you can’t just go out and buy things all of the time. You have to look after what you have got, and use whatever you have to fix or make things.

Embellished and Embroidered Felt

Embellished and Embroidered Felt

This piece on the other hand is middle class because it is purely decorative. It serves no purpose as it stands. It is made to look pretty and appealing without a purpose in mind. The only difference being, that i haven’t made it to fit in with what other people have; to be accepted by those around me.

Having looked around the various things that i have in my house, it is very odd because you start to look at things differently and question what class you might be judging by the things that you own. This is very strange to me because i have never thought about this before in my life.



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