Grayson Perry – The Walthamstow Tapestry (2009)  – Grayson Perry interview Part 1 – 23/01/2014

This part of the interview focuses more on the pots that Grayson Perry makes which i found fascinating because we have focused more on the tapestries that he has made.

In terms of his tapestry making, Perry thinks that digitally produced fabrics can look dead. So with his works, he wanted to be able to keep the essences of the fabric by keeping the wobbly areas and minor distortions because he didn’t want it to be too perfect.

Perry likes to focus consumer culture because he feels that our lives are ruled by shopping and we pick out things we ‘like’ because somebody has decided that that is what we like this season. He looks at the types of things that consumers buy, such as magazines, and actually uses the images on his pots.

On his tapestry, he uses the names of all sorts of commercial businesses, such as Easyjet and Starbucks. He does this to provoke emotional resonance because he has stripped away the first thing that we would recognise, the font, and just written the name. This means that the audience are relying on their own experiences and how that makes them feel. This will be different for each individual participant because they have different experiences that will affect their emotion.

Grayson Perry uses mapping in his ceramics to create beautiful surfaces. In one particular pot, he has used a map that he was given in a shop that was the layout of the shop itself. he copied this and changed the background colour to make it look older. After pasting this to a pot, he smashed it and then got  restorer to piece it back together using a gold colour to replicate the historical artifacts that had been repaired in the same way. This made a feature of the breaks.

Perry incorporated Walthamstow in his practice by taking photos of security notices, litter and anything else that is deemed to be unattractive, because he likes to explore what peoples’ perceptions are of various environments.


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