Grayson Perry and the British Museum – The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman, 23/01/2014

Given how bizzarre some of the work that Grayson Perry produces is, it is really interesting to see what inspires him. In this example, he uses the artifacts the British Museum has in storage as these are not always on display meaning that they are kept away, hidden from the public.

This particular exhibition was about celebrating the unknown craftsmen that will have made these artifacts hundreds of years ago, who made them because they needed new amour or a knife, but put time and effort into making them so that they are beautiful and well finished.

I really like the idea of this because it does celebrate the work of these people, but also it gets the artifacts out of storage and seen, which is what they were designed for because they were objects that had a purpose. They are just too fragile to be used anymore, yet they are still works of art.

Alongside these, Grayson Perry is exhibiting his own work with inspiration directly from the artifacts in the decoration and the custom craftsmanship.


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