Grayson Perry – All In The Best Possible Taste

All In The Best Possible Taste video

The way that Grayson Perry Collects his research is fascinating because he actually goes out and talks to the people who are from the different classes. I thought that this was very risky because people can get very defensive when it comes to what class they are, but he was not afraid to ask questions that might provoke this attitude.
I found it extremely interesting that when he spoke to these people, he managed to pick up on key attitudes and pick out objects that would symbolise certain stereotypes of the classes. He then turned these things into a drawing creating a story of his protagonist, Tim. Finally, transforming these drawings into a woven tapestry, portraying Tim’s journey through the classes and his life, ending with his death.
When speaking to these people, i found it very interesting that the stereotypes that we may think of ourselves about other classes, were actually very different. For example, most people would think that the upperclasses would be very ‘snobby’ or ‘showy’ but actually, i found that this fitted the middle class more because they wanted to be something, whereas the upper classes were content with who they were, and are keen to preserve their history.
Grayson Perry’s practice was very easy to follow because you could see the links with the ideas for his work, from research to the finished product, and he hadn’t lost anything in the process. This was because he engaged with the people that he was researching, meaning that he could get a much better understanding of who they were, because he ‘became’ them.


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