Comparison – Cloth and Memory 2 Artists and My Collected Memories

It is very interesting to see the memories of the artists and the memories of other people side by side because it creates a link between the two, showing that this kind of art, is not beyond our reach.

Much like Peta Jacobs’ memory, one of the memories that i have collected does not talk about a technique of making something personally, but taking part in a routine or ritual of cleaning bed sheets and folding them a correct way. Peta Jacobs’ inspiration is similar to this memory because she looked at the people in the mill who carried out a routine, focusing on the people and their lives at the mill.

The other memories that i collected were much more similar to Koji Takaki’s memories because they all talk about something that they have made and the pride and joy that this brought. They also talk about adding to a piece or using of cuts to add to something new, which is what Koji Takaki did with his exhibition, by using past work to influence the new.

Overall, i find it fascinating how memories can trigger an idea, but also the variety in which it can do this, and evolve into something totally unique.


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