Writing From Perspective

We looked at ‘The Mug’ by Dawn Raffel who explores the memories that the mug contains and what it would say if it could speak. This intrigued me because there are so many objects that we use on a regular basis, and often perhaps, take for granted. This could be an interesting way to develop ideas for artwork because you can explore things from different angles; changing the perspective.

We had to produce our own example, and i chose to use a jewellery box that was given to me by my grandparents because of the different memories embedded within it.

Jewellery Box

Ellie Smith

Ellie Smith

I was a gift from grandparents to their granddaughter, for Christmas.

There is nothing special about me as i am plain brown leather, with a simple gold engraving ‘EPS’.

I shut with a leather strap and i am rarely opened, but inside i conceal a gold chain necklace with a heart pendant, which has a pink crystal inlaid into it. I keep it safe. Although never worn, it is glanced at every so often, and touched, but only briefly.

I sit holding up books on the second shelf, serving a new purpose, with more meaning.


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