Filling a Hypothetical Box

Over summer, we were given a project to put our lives in a ‘Cook’s Matches’ box. The idea being that in one, you fill it with things that represent you now. Therefore, in mine, i included my music tastes, such as, Nickelback, Black Sabbath and Jack Johnson. I also included things like the fact that i enjoy knitting.

My life in a box now

My life in a box now

In the second box, we had to put things in that were relevant to where we wanted to be in 5 years time. In mine, i put things like, good food, coffee shop, art supplies and knitting still. This allowed to set out a goal for ourselves, so that we had something to focus on.

My life in a box  in 5 years time

My life in a box in 5 years time

For our task in the seminar, we had to do a similar thing, except, we were told that if we could put anything in a box, no matter how big or small, what would it be. Among much debate we all managed to come up with something.
For my box, i chose to use it as something that you could put something in, in order to permanently get rid of something. Therefore i chose to put the child that gets on every bus and decides that that is the time to start crying, moaning, jump around and generally be a pain to both it’s mother and everyone else on the bus. Rather unsurprisingly, a few other people agreed with me.

This exercise allowed us to be very creative and think outside the box, by seeing what we could put in a box.


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