Automatic Writing

A new exhibition entitled Mild Climate is a collaborative exhibition between artists Blaine Fontana and Amy Ruppel laborative-exhibition/  21/10/2013

A new exhibition entitled Mild Climate is a collaborative exhibition between artists Blaine Fontana and Amy Ruppel

This piece is sectioned off in to two pieces. The top half of the square has a cream base of which the edges are worn and torn, creating a rustic vintage appearance. At the top of this section there is a graphically designed cloud containing the letter ‘D’. Underneath this, there is a semi-circle that has the middle missing. The colour of this section is a very pale turquoise. It is so faint that you can barely see it. To the left of this, slightly overlapping, there is an orange semi-circle that looks to be constructed by using a spirograph, overlapping each circle before it to create a dense area.
In the center, there is a whale’s head reaching up towards the top of the piece at a 45 degree angle towards the right. It is a greyish colour, ever so slightly blue. To add to the seaside effect, there are a set of lapping waves at the base of this section, to make it look like the ocean in which the whale is peeking out of.
In the bottom section of this piece, the background appears to be made out of wood, as you able to see the grain as a cross section on the panels that are laid side by side. in the center of this section at the top, there is what looks like the remnants of a printed letter, possibly a number ‘6’. Along the bottom there is a rainbow effect that is vertically striped and spread out along the base.

This piece has had an image of a selection of flowers as they would be found in the wild, painted on two pieces of paper, which have then been woven together, vertically and horizontally.
The bottom right is very strong in grass green with the occasional flash of a deep dark blue, representing the lush undergrowth. The further away you get from the section in a diagonal direction, the more colours are involved, predominantly, reds are used, with more flashes of blue, yellow and the occasional piece of orange. The piece appears to have been created using water-colours, both in a watered down sense as well as a bold and harsh stroke.

Eleanor Smith Drawn Using Photoshop

Eleanor Smith
Drawn Using Photoshop

This drawing is a collection of stones that have been laid together in a mosaic pattern almost. Each stone has dark marks on it that have been etched into the drawing as you are still able to see the pencil marks. The stone on the left is an upside down isosceles triangle that is at a 45 degree angle to the left. At the bottom point of this, there is the tip of another stone forming another triangular shape.
To the right of this, and further up, there is a stone that also looks like an upside down triangle, except that it looks as though each of the sides have been pushed in slightly as they curve inwards, and the points have been rounded off. The top point is facing down at a 45 degree angle to the left. The piece touching this is above it, and is in the shape of a trapezium with the corners rounded and it is facing the left with the end point facing down towards the bottom right corner of the page.


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