Uses for a Brick http://www.mjtimber
With this task we were told to think of all of the possibilities for a brick of any size or material. At first we thought that it was a bit odd, but it turned out to be very interesting.
The obvious use that we found was to use it for a house and buildings, but then we started to be more adventurous:
Break it into smaller chunks and use it in a mosaic
Grind it up to make paint
Use the holes in it to put lights in as a display for a wall
Use it as a pencil pot
Make an ice cube tray, utilising the holes
Create a seedling tray
Pill holder
Adapt it to be able to be an instrument, like a set of pipes
You could use it as a weapon in the bottom of your bag for unsuspecting criminals
Make it out of springs and use it on the bottom of shoes so that you can travel faster

Once we’d got into the task, it was really eye opening because you were able to see the potential for other ordinary products. It enabled us to think of our own practice and how we could apply this to our own work, because we could be innovative with the materials that we use and potentially create something new.


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