Reflection on University

As one of our tasks, we had to reflect on how we felt about university. We had two responses, the first was bullet pointed and the second was in more depth.

Good so far
Confusing room names
The maps have been useful
Have not been able to utilise frees as we have not had anything to be able to do in them yet
Cannot wait to get stuck in
The staff seem nice and helpful
Staff in the canteens are lovely
Good coffee

I have really enjoyed myself so far, but the room names are a bit confusing because they contain a variety of letters and numbers. However, i am starting to get the hang of it, with the help of my tutors, who are very approachable.
The only down side so far, is that i have had quite a few long frees which i have had nothing to do in, but i know that after we have got stuck into our work, then i will have plenty of things to do.

This task allowed me to understand the value of bullet pointing during the lesson because it enables you to keep a step by step guide of what you did in order for you to write an effective reflection. I would like to use this in my own practice so that i can keep an accurate record of all of the things that i have done, so that i don’t forget.


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