CAD vs Hand Drawing

What We have done with CAD:
Left Handed Drawing
Traced Images
Hiding Layers
Still Life
Brushes, Textures
Timed Drawings
Swapping Computers
Colour Change
Edit Photos
Scanned Own Images
Inverting Colours
Worked Directly Onto Images
What we have done With Hand Drawing:
Group Drawing
Observational Drawing
Oil Pastels
Drawn from Sculptures
Scale – Large/Small
Mark Making

Quick changes
Quick to use tools
Limited scale – other than when printing
Less mobile
Hand Drawing

Happy accidents
Feel of different materials
More interactive
More types of paper
Harder to remove mistakes

Overall, i feel that they both have their place because they serve different purposes; however, although i do, rather surprisingly, like using CAD, i do infact prefer hand drawing because it is portable and you can do it where ever you are. I also prefer it because you can physically change the scale that you are working at, whereas, with CAD, you are restricted and can only really change it when it comes to printing your work.

Both of the techniques produce fantastic outcomes and when combined the look incredible because it adds so many layers to a piece of work. The difference between the two techniques is remarkable. If you take the same image and recreate it in both of the methods, then the outcome is always different. For example

This is the section of the sculpture of which i chose to draw from.   (15/11/2013)

Yorkshire Sculpture Park 'Driveside' Niki de Saint Phalle

Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Niki de Saint Phalle

Before using Photoshop, i drew the image by hand, combing both graphite and black fine writer to recreate the contrasting colours between the borders and the fragments of what i assume is some sort of glass.

Hand Drawing Ellie Smith

Hand Drawing
Ellie Smith

This was produced using Photoshop. Utilising a variety of tools that smudged the brush marks to replicate the shimmer of the actual sculpture.

CAD drawing Ellie Smith

CAD drawing
Ellie Smith

Having used both techniques, i would quite like to experiment by combining the two methods, by scanning in my hand drawings and working into them on Photoshop, also, drawing into my Photoshop images by hand.


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