Designer Makers – 21/10/2013
Maik Perfahi and Wolfgang – MostLikely DIY Lampshades
Each lampshade is requested by the customer in terms of what animal they want and then it is translated into a computer programme to be made into a 3D model. This then gets transformed into a flat plan and then printed onto heavy duty paper. The printout is then sent to the customer who then constructs the model.
I really like this because it allows the consumer to have a part in their design because it can either be an already existing model, or they can completely design their own making it more unique. I also like the fact that it is produced using a computer because it means that the lines are perfect making it easy to construct. My favourite part of these designs is that you are still able to see the tabs that have been glued together, leaving it feeling more rustic and allowing more definition for the face of the animal, in this case. - 27/10/2013 – 27/10/2013
Amy Lawrence
I like this because I know the amount of time and thought that would have gone into making this. I also like how she has used brass finishings to compliment the cream edging and to contrast with the black, white and grey that is in the bulk of the piece.


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