The importance of being skilled?
In every job, you are skilled. This can either be natural skills, or skills that are taught to you.
They are extremely important as they allow you to perfect a way of working and improve upon it so that it becomes unique.
What role does ‘making’ play in our lives?
‘Making’ plays a huge role. It is part of everything that we have, from toilet roll to a skyscraper. The process from design to construction all includes making. Even a thought is ‘making’ as you plan the idea through from beginning to end to decide if it will work or not.
What types of making are taking place?
‘Making’ in terms of crafts are taking place with websites like Etsy who are allowing more and more people to start up small businesses. Even things like engineering are taking place as making, by designing new parts for cars etc. to be innovative and progress the modern car design.


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