Isolation- Divergent thinking
Isolation is a fundamental part of the way an artist works. Although human contact is necessary and can enhance an artists work, in order to produce a deeply thought out idea, an artist may remove themselves from any distractions whether it be people, objects or even a place.
The inspiration for a project may have been influenced when an artist was in a chaotic atmosphere, but in order to properly think the project through, a large amount of time is needed so that they can gather their ideas and form the outcome that emerges.
I quite like the idea of isolation because it enables you to focus on what you are trying to do. The quite serenity helps to allow your mind to open. However, isolation could mean different things to different people, for example, the first image that springs to mind is being on your own in a field out in the countryside, whereas, to contrast this, another version of isolation could be in a crowded cafe where you do not know anyone.
It all depends on how the artist prefers to work, because some people can find the quiet too distracting because it allows their minds to wonder too far and not relate to the project that they want to produce; it can also be affected by your frame of mind because if you force yourself to think about something by removing every other distraction, then you may not come up with any good ideas or you may just waste time.
Ultimately, there are so many other factors that contribute to the ideas that get produced by artists, that it is hard to pin-point exactly, if isolation is a good thing or not, as the noises and things that you see often influence your work and you can relate back to what you were doing when the idea was formed, either as a form of reflection to convey to your audience, or even to try and inspire you further, by physically going back or by adding another element because you are trying to remember the place which may not be as clear.


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