Risk Taking

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This workshop I found very strange. To begin with we had to role two dice in groups. this determined what person we had to ask to point at a material and method we had to use, because the whole point of the exercise was to do what someone else decided. we rolled ‘Sue’ and ‘person wearing primary colours’. so we had to find people that we didn’t know, which was odd because we had to explain what we were doing so that they understood, but even then they thought that we were strange.
the first person that we asked gave us leaves as our material and folding as our method. the next person gave us flowers as our material and weaving as our method.
We bought our flowers because we needed the stems on them so that we could weave them. As for the leaves, we just picked them off trees or off the floor.
We created many samples with our materials and methods and also experimented with a camera, taking photos that would alter the appearance of our samples, usually making them look far better.
Overall, this wasn’t my favourite workshop because we just ended up throwing everything away, but I did like the point of it, because it was to push us out of our comfort zones and force us to experiment with materials and techniques that perhaps we wouldn’t have done.


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