Reflective Task

1. They are going to go and visit some sort of exhibition. Possible some sort of sculptural display. They all know each other fairly well, but haven’t spoken to each other on a regular basis.
2. The work of art is obviously very large as they describe being able to climb inside it with lots of room to spare. The textures of the piece must be very smooth because they are able to slide around on it.
I think that perhaps it looks quite garish, because it does not match the wood and forest surroundings, but it sounds as though that it’s so wrong, it’s right and fits, despite being controversial.

1. The visual imagery in this passage is very emotive because it almost personifies the sea and it’s waves.
2. Unusually, Mr Palomar sets out to look at an individual wave. Which turns out to be a very difficult thing to do.
3. He thinks about the wave’s movements and colours. He finds it extremely difficult to separate a singular wave from the one directly behind it. which is why, when he does, he doesn’t leave because he wants to watch it until it disappears.
4. The role of the author is to narrate to the audience what exactly Mr Palomar is looking at, as Mr Palomar is too deep in concentration to do it himself.
5. In relation to thinking, the waves symbolise a variety of thoughts and ideas which it can be difficult sometimes, to isolate just one. And if it is done, them it takes a vast amount of concentration.
6. The different types of categories, I think are creative and practical. the more creative thoughts tend to want to jump out at you and can very often change on a regular basis. whereas, the practical thoughts tend to stay relatively still, only changing every so often.

1. The other departments in this passage aren’t able to understand that the art department do use their heads for their work, and there is a great deal of thought that goes into their work, similar to the other departments.
2. In my own practice I will probably use most other subjects and disciplines because they are what become common sense, meaning that you don’t even realise that you are using them.
3. Of course other practices use art, even if it is for displays or presentations. it is a way of making the work look more attractive and pleasing on the eye.
4. The type of environment is very influential in deciding what the practitioner will do because the simplest of things can inspire someone.


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