Group Drawing

Multiple pencil crayons tied together

Multiple pencil crayons tied together

This image was to first piece that we made as a group. We began by pin our original drawings up on a cork board, piecing them together so that they linked with each other. forming a shape that we could then draw from. We chose our medium which consisted of brown, red, orange and green pencil crayons which we tied together in a bunch so that we had one each. it worked really well because some of the shades were slightly different, and depending on which pencil crayon had more pressure on it, some areas came out different shades because some areas were more red and others more green. The size of the paper was a bit daunting at first because it was slightly bigger than the table, meaning that there was a lot of space to fill. However, once we started, it became much easier as you were working to the same scale as the images on the cork board were.
After this, we were put into other groups, where this time we were given a certain style that we hade to do. Our group was given fine liner, so we were putting in all of the fine detail. this exercise was very interesting, as once we had drawn another groups image on our paper with our technique, we had to move to another table, still using our technique, but we had to look at the same image that that group had drawn and apply our technique to it. They all worked very well and looked amazing. I found it really interesting how each piece developed and looked finished once the lesson was over.
if I take anything from this workshop, it will definitely be to try and use more than one technique on a drawing because it can add so many different layers to your work and make it look ten times better than what you started with. I am also quite shocked that I enjoyed this workshop because I really don’t like drawing on larger scale.
2013-10-08 15.23.03-attr

2013-10-08 15.24.40-attr

2013-10-08 15.24.53-attr

2013-10-08 15.25.13-attr

2013-10-08 15.25.33-attr


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