Lecture – RSA Animate – Changing Paradigms

http://www.thersa.org/events/rsaanimate/animate/rsa-animate-changing-paradigms 10/10/13

It is bizarre how similar my own views are to this video. We watched it in one of our lectures this week, and at first I thought that it was just going to be a video that was a time filler, just something to do for a few minutes. However, as it went on, I found myself being drawn into it. A lot of what was said, I agreed with, and although I have never given the subject much thought, what Ken Robinson was saying made a lot of sense.
This type of thing makes me want to see what I can do to make a difference, so that people can be tailored to, in terms of the teaching style that suits them better, so that they can achieve the best they possibly can in a variety of fields so that they too, can feel a sense of remarkable achievement, and most importantly, in doing something that they enjoy.


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