First Lesson on CAD

Photoshop is a whole new medium for me. I found it extremely difficult to use the pen, with having to hover over the board when moving the mouse and then having to select icons with either the pen nib or clicking the buttons on the pen itself.
At first I hated it, but gradually I got the hang of it. My first image of the owl was my first attempt. I felt extremely pressured to get it right the first time as I felt that you do not have as much control as you do with a normal pencil and rubber; however, on the other drawings I tried translating the sketching technique, and forget that I was on a computer. I think that this helped because it allowed me relax more and produce images that are similar to the type that I would draw with a pencil.
My favourite drawing is the last one of the bottles. To produce this, I used the original photograph to draw over in another layer, so that when I had finished I could delete the image, leaving the traced image behind. I preferred doing this because it enabled me to get the scale and proportions right, which I normally really struggle with.


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